About Us


With a Powerful Mind, an imagination for designer furniture, a Passion for quality woodwork and a determination out of this world Innovative Wood Designs was born.

It all started as an idea, I wanted a Furniture piece in my home, but no shops seemed to have it, nothing close even, no one could even design it for me or build something similar.

That’s when I drew the Line , got up and did it myself , a seed was planted , I figured if I couldn’t find that exact piece I had in my mind how many other homes go without that piece, that idea that they want a reality but just can’t find it , I didn’t settle for second best , why should you?

It’s hard to underestimate the power of an idea. A lot of our modern culture is actually derived from ideas. The airplane came from the idea that people can fly. Even simple conveniences that we take for granted, such as paper, were derived from the idea that we should be able to write on something light and portable.

We all have ideas. No matter how small they are, we have to nurture these ideas into maturity because we can never know how great the idea actually is until we make the idea into reality.

That is where Innovative Wood Designs comes in , making your ideas reality , ever sat and wondered how your living room needs something different , a furniture piece no one ever thought of, a piece you can see clearly in your mind but just can’t find it anywhere

Innovative wood designs devotes their selves in to turning that idea, that piece with your name on it into a reality , you are the designer, you can now , more than ever no matter how big or small put that final touch into your home, giving it a quality handmade piece , exactly like you pictured it , into your home.

Affordable, Quality, Solid Wood Furniture, our Innovation knows no limits!